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Raw data variables in the 21 Year phase 1 parent questionnaire

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The table below lists all item variables in the 21 Year phase 1 parent questionnaire data. This documents the original positions and names of the variables in the raw data files (CMS and backup) in relation to the final dataset variable names of equivalent variables. For the scanned paper data, there were no variable names or headings, but variables are identified only by position in the file. The table also shows the coding used in the dataset variables, and what (if any) recoding was needed from the raw data variables.

In the Access database used to store data from paper booklets (containing manually entered data aggregated with scanned data), the raw variable names are the same as the dataset variable names, and the coding of each variable is the same as in the scanned data.

Omitted variables

The table omits variables that were included in the CMS and backup raw data files but have not been included in the dataset. These include the following:

  • CMS variables with names ending in "Done" for all items (coded true/false). These are redundant, simply denoting whether or not each item was attempted; and they are absent from the backup and paper data.
  • CMS variables with names ending in "Elapsed time" for all items (number of milliseconds). These recorded the response time, in milliseconds, for each item. These have been omitted because they are absent in the backup and paper data, and they would have doubled the number of item variables. Before being dropped, they were used to derive new variables to measure the time taken for each questionnaire section/theme.
  • Admin-related items (CMS and backup) containing personal data such as names, address fields, email address, phone numbers and reward preferences.
  • Admin-related items (all versions) containing CoTEDS personal information about children of twins and twin pregnancies.
  • Derived scores (CMS and backup) used to present feedback in the app. These will be replaced in the dataset with conventional derived scales.
  • Questionnaire start and end date-times (CMS and backup). These are dropped from the dataset after using them to derive twin ages and questionnaire durations.
  • Various redundant items that do not provide useful information about twins or their responses. These include redundant ID/username fields and variables describing the structure of the questionnaire itself.
  • Variables giving detailed information about browser version and language, operating system version and device model name; these contain many unique values that could potentially identify participants, and they are of doubtful value in analysis (also, they specific to the CMS or web data collections).
  • Variables describing the status or level of completion of each section/theme in the questionnaire. These have been replaced with derived "status" variables with more conventional coding.
  • In the backup file, the date-time of the start and end of each section/theme of the questionnaire. These are omitted because they are absent from the CMS and paper versions. For the backup version, before being dropped, they were used to derive new variables to measure the time taken for each questionnaire section/theme.

Coding changes

Changes in coding from raw data sources to dataset have been designed to ensure consistency between the three versions, and to conform to TEDS coding conventions. Coding conventions used in TEDS datasets include the use of 1/0 coding for yes/no responses, and 0, 1, 2, ... coding for response categories starting with "no", "none" or "never" or similar responses. Where reversed versions of items are needed in the dataset to create scales, the variable is included in its conventional (forward-coded) with the addition of a separate reverse-coded variable; the reverse-coded variables are not generally tabulated below, unless the raw variable itself was reverse-coded. Items with explicitly coded "prefer not to answer" or "not applicable" types of responses have been recoded to missing, generally because they were not used consistently in all versions and so are typically missing in the paper data, for example. In the CMS, optional questions with a "prefer not to answer" label generally produced a missing value in the data.

Table of variables

The table columns are as follows:

  • Dataset variable name
  • Order number of the variable in the CMS raw data file
  • Name of variable in the CMS raw data file
  • Order number of the variable in the backup raw data file
  • Name of variable in the backup raw data file
  • Order number of the variable in the scanned paper raw data file
  • Coding used for the dataset variable
  • Recoding, if needed, from the three raw data versions

Variables are presented approximately in the order in which they appeared in the questionnaire battery (and in the paper questionnaire).

Dataset variableOrder in CMS raw fileCMS raw variable nameOrder in backup raw fileBackup raw variable name Order in parent scan fileDataset codingRecoding from raw data
id_fam1TedsId15consent__familyID 1scrambled IDID made anonymous for dataset
14Platfrom - Type14 consenttechuseragent-u1psource: 1=CMS app, 2=CMS web, 3=backup, 4=paper.
u1pdevmob: 1=mobile device, 0=laptop/desktop
Derived. CMS and backup raw variables are strings.
u1pstart [not retained in dataset]21First interaction at6 [admin file]earliest [admin file]- date-time valueNot present in paper data
u1pend [not retained in dataset]22Last interaction at 7 [admin file]latest [admin file]-date-time value Not present in paper data
u1pdevwdth [derived from these two backup variables] --12consent__tech-scrwidth- 1=small (<768), 2=medium (768-1199), 3=large (1200+ pixels)Backup data only
--13consent__tech-scrheight- Backup data only
u1pos17Platfrom - OS11 consent__tech-OS-0 to 5 (nominal codes)Not present in paper data. Raw CMS and backup variables are strings.
u1pbrows19[derived from Platfrom - Model if done on web]8consent__tech-browser-0 to 5 (nominal codes)Not present in paper data. Raw CMS and backup variables are strings.
u1pliv11/239Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-Thanks-living Answer 031 Parentquestionnaire1__move-living31Y 0N [variable for each twin] All versions: both/elder/younger/neither (1/2/3/4) recoded to yes/no (1/0) for each twin
u1pliv2142Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-Thanks-eldermove Answer 032 Parentquestionnaire1__move-eldermove41=last year to 5=over four years-
u1pliv2245Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-Thanks-youngermove Answer 033 Parentquestionnaire1__move-youngermove51=last year to 5=over four years-
u1pses1mw48Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-Thanks-WorkF Answer 034 Parentquestionnaire1__work-WorkF181 to 26 (nominal codes) Raw coding: 0-27 in CMS and backup, 1-27 in paper raw data.
0=not applicable (CMS, backup) recoded to missing; 1=not working (all versions) recoded to missing; remaining raw codes 2-27 (all versions) recoded to 1-26.
u1pses2fw51Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-Thanks-WorkM Answer 035 Parentquestionnaire1__work-WorkM191 to 26 (nominal codes)
u1pses3mq54Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-Thanks-QualificationF Answer 036 Parentquestionnaire1__work-QualificationF201 to 17 (nominal codes) Raw coding: 0-17 in CMS and backup, 1-17 in paper.
0=not applicable recoded to missing (CMS and backup). Remaining codes 1-17 left unchanged.
u1pses4fq57Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-Thanks-QualificationM Answer 037 Parentquestionnaire1__work-QualificationM211 to 17 (nominal codes)
u1pses5in60Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-Thanks-Household Answer 038 Parentquestionnaire1__work-Household221=under 5000 to 11=over 100000 Raw coding: 0-10 in CMS, 0-11 in backup.
In CMS, 0-10 recoded to 1-11. In backup, 0=not applicable recoded to missing and remaining codes 1-11 left unchanged.
u1ppar1163Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-feelings-Impatient1-1 Answer 039 Parentquestionnaire1__feelings1-Impatient16 1=strongly disagree to 5=strongly agreeRaw coding: 0-5 in backup, 1-5 in CMS, 5-1 (reverse coding) in paper.
0=prefer not to answer recoded to missing (backup). 1-5 codes left unchanged in CMS and backup. 5-1 reversed to 1-5 in paper.
u1ppar1266Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-feelings-Impatient2-1 Answer 040 Parentquestionnaire1__feelings1-Impatient27
u1ppar2169Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-feelings-Happy1-1 Answer 041 Parentquestionnaire1__feelings1-Happy18
u1ppar2272Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-feelings-Happy2-1 Answer 042 Parentquestionnaire1__feelings1-Happy29
u1ppar3175Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-feelings-Amused1-1 Answer 043 Parentquestionnaire1__feelings2-Amused110
u1ppar3278Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-feelings-Amused2-1 Answer 044 Parentquestionnaire1__feelings2-Amused211
u1ppar4181Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-feelings-Angry1-1 Answer 045 Parentquestionnaire1__feelings2-Angry112
u1ppar4284Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-feelings-Angry2-1 Answer 046 Parentquestionnaire1__feelings2-Angry213
u1ppar5187Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-feelings-Close1-1 Answer 047 Parentquestionnaire1__feelings3-Close114
u1ppar5290Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-feelings-Close2-1 Answer 048 Parentquestionnaire1__feelings3-Close215
u1ppar6193Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-feelings-Frustrated1-1 Answer 049 Parentquestionnaire1__feelings3-Frustrated116
u1ppar6296Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-feelings-Frustrated2-1 Answer 050 Parentquestionnaire1__feelings3-Frustrated217
u1prsk1199Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-risktak11-risktak11-1 Answer 051 Parentquestionnaire1__risktake1-1230=never to 4=very often Raw coding: 1-5 in CMS and paper; 0-5 in backup.
0=prefer not to anwer in backup recoded to missing. 1-5 recoded to 0-4 in all versions.
u1prsk12102Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-risktak11-risktak12-1 Answer 052 Parentquestionnaire1__risktake1-224
u1prsk21105Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-risktak11-risktak21-1 Answer 053 Parentquestionnaire1__risktake1-325
u1prsk22108Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-risktak11-risktak22-1 Answer 054 Parentquestionnaire1__risktake1-426
u1prsk31111Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-risktak11-risktak31-1 Answer 055 Parentquestionnaire1__risktake1-527
u1prsk32114Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-risktak11-risktak32-1 Answer 056 Parentquestionnaire1__risktake1-628
u1prsk41117Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-risktak11-risktak41-1 Answer 057 Parentquestionnaire1__risktake2-129
u1prsk42120Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-risktak11-risktak42-1 Answer 058 Parentquestionnaire1__risktake2-230
u1prsk51123Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-risktak11-risktak51-1 Answer 059 Parentquestionnaire1__risktake2-331
u1prsk52126Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-risktak11-risktak52-1 Answer 060 Parentquestionnaire1__risktake2-432
u1prsk61129Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-risktak11-risktak61-1 Answer 061 Parentquestionnaire1__risktake2-533
u1prsk62132Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-risktak11-risktak62-1 Answer 062 Parentquestionnaire1__risktake2-634
u1pcon011135Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-conner11-conner11 Answer 066 Parentquestionnaire2__conner1-conner11105 0=not at all to 3=definitely true Raw coding: 1-4 in CMS and paper; 0-4 in backup.
0=prefer not to answer in backup recoded to missing. 1-4 recoded to 0-3 in all versions.
u1pcon012138Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-conner11-conner12 Answer 067 Parentquestionnaire2__conner1-conner12106
u1pcon021141Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-conner11-conner21 Answer 068 Parentquestionnaire2__conner1-conner21107
u1pcon022144Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-conner11-conner22 Answer 069 Parentquestionnaire2__conner1-conner22108
u1pcon031147Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-conner11-conner31 Answer 070 Parentquestionnaire2__conner2-conner31109
u1pcon032150Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-conner11-conner32 Answer 071 Parentquestionnaire2__conner2-conner32110
u1pcon041153Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-conner11-conner41 Answer 072 Parentquestionnaire2__conner2-conner41111
u1pcon042156Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-conner11-conner42 Answer 073 Parentquestionnaire2__conner2-conner42112
u1pcon051159Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-conner11-conner51 Answer 074 Parentquestionnaire2__conner3-conner51113
u1pcon052162Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-conner11-conner52 Answer 075 Parentquestionnaire2__conner3-conner52114
u1pcon061165Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-conner11-conner61 Answer 076 Parentquestionnaire2__conner3-conner61115
u1pcon062168Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-conner11-conner62 Answer 077 Parentquestionnaire2__conner3-conner62116
u1pcon071171Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-conner11-conner71 Answer 078 Parentquestionnaire2__conner4-conner71117
u1pcon072174Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-conner11-conner72 Answer 079 Parentquestionnaire2__conner4-conner72118
u1pcon081177Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-conner11-conner81 Answer 080 Parentquestionnaire2__conner4-conner81119
u1pcon082180Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-conner11-conner82 Answer 081 Parentquestionnaire2__conner4-conner82120
u1pcon091183Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-conner11-conner91 Answer 082 Parentquestionnaire2__conner5-conner91121
u1pcon092186Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-conner11-conner92 Answer 083 Parentquestionnaire2__conner5-conner92122
u1pcon101189Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-conner11-conner101 Answer 084 Parentquestionnaire2__conner5-conner101123
u1pcon102192Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-conner11-conner102 Answer 085 Parentquestionnaire2__conner5-conner102124
u1pcon111195Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-conner11-conner111 Answer 086 Parentquestionnaire2__conner6-conner111125
u1pcon112198Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-conner11-conner112 Answer 087 Parentquestionnaire2__conner6-conner112126
u1pcon121201Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-conner11-conner121 Answer 088 Parentquestionnaire2__conner6-conner121127
u1pcon122204Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-conner11-conner122 Answer 089 Parentquestionnaire2__conner6-conner122128
u1pcon131207Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-conner11-conner131 Answer 090 Parentquestionnaire2__conner7-conner131129
u1pcon132210Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-conner11-conner132 Answer 091 Parentquestionnaire2__conner7-conner132130
u1pcon141213Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-conner11-conner141 Answer 092 Parentquestionnaire2__conner7-conner141131
u1pcon142216Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-conner11-conner142 Answer 093 Parentquestionnaire2__conner7-conner142132
u1pcon151219Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-conner11-conner151 Answer 094 Parentquestionnaire2__conner8-conner151133
u1pcon152222Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-conner11-conner152 Answer 095 Parentquestionnaire2__conner8-conner152134
u1pcon161225Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-conner11-conner161 Answer 096 Parentquestionnaire2__conner8-conner161135
u1pcon162228Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-conner11-conner162 Answer 097 Parentquestionnaire2__conner8-conner162136
u1pcon171231Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-conner11-conner171 Answer 098 Parentquestionnaire2__conner9-conner171137
u1pcon172234Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-conner11-conner172 Answer 099 Parentquestionnaire2__conner9-conner172138
u1pcon181237Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-conner11-conner181 Answer 0100 Parentquestionnaire2__conner9-conner181139
u1pcon182240Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-conner11-conner182 Answer 0101 Parentquestionnaire2__conner9-conner182140
u1psdq011243Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-sdq11 Answer 0105 Parentquestionnaire3__sdq1-sdq11350=not true to 2=very true Raw coding: 1-3 in CMS and paper; 0-3 in backup.
0=prefer not to answer in backup recoded to missing. 1-3 recoded to 0-2 in all versions.
u1psdq012246Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-sdq12 Answer 0106 Parentquestionnaire3__sdq1-sdq1236
u1psdq021249Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-sdq21 Answer 0107 Parentquestionnaire3__sdq1-sdq2137
u1psdq022252Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-sdq22 Answer 0108 Parentquestionnaire3__sdq1-sdq2238
u1psdq031255Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-sdq31 Answer 0109 Parentquestionnaire3__sdq2-sdq3139
u1psdq032258Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-sdq32 Answer 0110 Parentquestionnaire3__sdq2-sdq3240
u1psdq041261Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-sdq41 Answer 0111 Parentquestionnaire3__sdq2-sdq4141
u1psdq042264Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-sdq42 Answer 0112 Parentquestionnaire3__sdq2-sdq4242
u1psdq051267Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-sdq51 Answer 0113 Parentquestionnaire3__sdq3-sdq5143
u1psdq052270Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-sdq52 Answer 0114 Parentquestionnaire3__sdq3-sdq5244
u1psdq061273Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-sdq61 Answer 0115 Parentquestionnaire3__sdq3-sdq6145
u1psdq062276Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-sdq62 Answer 0116 Parentquestionnaire3__sdq3-sdq6246
u1psdq071279Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-sdq71 Answer 0117 Parentquestionnaire3__sdq4-sdq7147
u1psdq072282Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-sdq72 Answer 0118 Parentquestionnaire3__sdq4-sdq7248
u1psdq081285Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-sdq81 Answer 0119 Parentquestionnaire3__sdq4-sdq8149
u1psdq082288Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-sdq82 Answer 0120 Parentquestionnaire3__sdq4-sdq8250
u1psdq091291Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-sdq91 Answer 0121 Parentquestionnaire3__sdq5-sdq9151
u1psdq092294Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-sdq92 Answer 0122 Parentquestionnaire3__sdq5-sdq9252
u1psdq101297Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-sdq101 Answer 0123 Parentquestionnaire3__sdq5-sdq10153
u1psdq102300Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-sdq102 Answer 0124 Parentquestionnaire3__sdq5-sdq10254
u1psdq111303Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-sdq111 Answer 0125 Parentquestionnaire3__sdq6-sdq11155
u1psdq112306Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-sdq112 Answer 0126 Parentquestionnaire3__sdq6-sdq11256
u1psdq121309Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-sdq121 Answer 0127 Parentquestionnaire3__sdq6-sdq12157
u1psdq122312Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-sdq122 Answer 0128 Parentquestionnaire3__sdq6-sdq12258
u1psdq131315Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-sdq131 Answer 0129 Parentquestionnaire3__sdq7-sdq13159
u1psdq132318Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-sdq132 Answer 0130 Parentquestionnaire3__sdq7-sdq13260
u1psdq141321Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-sdq141 Answer 0131 Parentquestionnaire3__sdq7-sdq14161
u1psdq142324Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-sdq142 Answer 0132 Parentquestionnaire3__sdq7-sdq14262
u1psdq151327Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-sdq151 Answer 0133 Parentquestionnaire3__sdq8-sdq15163
u1psdq152330Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-sdq152 Answer 0134 Parentquestionnaire3__sdq8-sdq15264
u1psdq161333Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-sdq161 Answer 0135 Parentquestionnaire3__sdq8-sdq16165
u1psdq162336Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-sdq162 Answer 0136 Parentquestionnaire3__sdq8-sdq16266
u1psdq171339Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-sdq171 Answer 0137 Parentquestionnaire3__sdq9-sdq17167
u1psdq172342Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-sdq172 Answer 0138 Parentquestionnaire3__sdq9-sdq17268
u1psdq181345Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-sdq181 Answer 0139 Parentquestionnaire3__sdq9-sdq18169
u1psdq182348Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-sdq182 Answer 0140 Parentquestionnaire3__sdq9-sdq18270
u1psdq191351Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-sdq191 Answer 0141 Parentquestionnaire3__sdq10-sdq19171
u1psdq192354Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-sdq192 Answer 0142 Parentquestionnaire3__sdq10-sdq19272
u1psdq201357Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-sdq201 Answer 0143 Parentquestionnaire3__sdq10-sdq20173
u1psdq202360Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-sdq202 Answer 0144 Parentquestionnaire3__sdq10-sdq20274
u1psdq211363Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-sdq211 Answer 0145 Parentquestionnaire3__sdq11-sdq21175
u1psdq212366Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-sdq212 Answer 0146 Parentquestionnaire3__sdq11-sdq21276
u1psdq221369Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-sdq221 Answer 0147 Parentquestionnaire3__sdq11-sdq22177
u1psdq222372Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-sdq222 Answer 0148 Parentquestionnaire3__sdq11-sdq22278
u1psdq231375Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-sdq231 Answer 0149 Parentquestionnaire3__sdq12-sdq23179
u1psdq232378Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-sdq232 Answer 0150 Parentquestionnaire3__sdq12-sdq23280
u1psdq241381Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-sdq241 Answer 0151 Parentquestionnaire3__sdq12-sdq24181
u1psdq242384Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-sdq242 Answer 0152 Parentquestionnaire3__sdq12-sdq24282
u1psdq251387Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-sdq251 Answer 0153 Parentquestionnaire3__sdq13-sdq25183
u1psdq252390Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-sdq252 Answer 0154 Parentquestionnaire3__sdq13-sdq25284
u1psan011393Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-mfq11 Answer 0158 Parentquestionnaire4__mfq1-mfq11850=not at all to 3=definitely true Raw coding: 1-4 in CMS and paper; 0-4 in backup.
0=prefer not to answer in backup recoded to missing. 1-4 recoded to 0-3 in all versions.
u1psan012396Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-mfq12 Answer 0159 Parentquestionnaire4__mfq1-mfq1286
u1psan021399Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-mfq21 Answer 0160 Parentquestionnaire4__mfq1-mfq2187
u1psan022402Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-mfq22 Answer 0161 Parentquestionnaire4__mfq1-mfq2288
u1psan031405Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-mfq31 Answer 0162 Parentquestionnaire4__mfq2-mfq3189
u1psan032408Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-mfq32 Answer 0163 Parentquestionnaire4__mfq2-mfq3290
u1psan041411Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-mfq41 Answer 0164 Parentquestionnaire4__mfq2-mfq4191
u1psan042414Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-mfq42 Answer 0165 Parentquestionnaire4__mfq2-mfq4292
u1psan051417Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-mfq51 Answer 0166 Parentquestionnaire4__mfq3-mfq5193
u1psan052420Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-mfq52 Answer 0167 Parentquestionnaire4__mfq3-mfq5294
u1psan061423Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-mfq61 Answer 0168 Parentquestionnaire4__mfq3-mfq6195
u1psan062426Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-mfq62 Answer 0169 Parentquestionnaire4__mfq3-mfq6296
u1psan071429Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-mfq71 Answer 0170 Parentquestionnaire4__mfq4-mfq7197
u1psan072432Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-mfq72 Answer 0171 Parentquestionnaire4__mfq4-mfq7298
u1psan081435Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-mfq81 Answer 0172 Parentquestionnaire4__mfq4-mfq8199
u1psan082438Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-mfq82 Answer 0173 Parentquestionnaire4__mfq4-mfq82100
u1psan091441Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-mfq91 Answer 0174 Parentquestionnaire4__mfq5-mfq91101
u1psan092444Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-mfq92 Answer 0175 Parentquestionnaire4__mfq5-mfq92102
u1psan101447Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-mfq101 Answer 0176 Parentquestionnaire4__mfq5-mfq101103
u1psan102450Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-sdq-mfq102 Answer 0177 Parentquestionnaire4__mfq5-mfq102104
u1pchild1/2453Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-coteds-coteds1 Answer 0178 Parentquestionnaire4__cotedsScreen-coteds1141, 1421Y 0N [variable for each twin]4/3/2/1/0 in CMS and backup (both/elder/younger/neither/prefer not to answer) recoded to 1Y 0N for each twin with with prefer not to answer treated as missing. No recoding needed in paper.
u1ppreg1537Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-coteds-elderexpect Answer 0206 Parentquestionnaire4__cotedsExpecting-elderexpect1431Y 0N 1/2/0 in CMS and backup (yes/no/prefer not to say) recoded to 1/0 (yes/no) with prefer not to answer treated as missing. No recoding needed in paper.
u1ppreg2540Theme TEDS Parent Questionnaire - Parentquestionnaire-coteds-youngerexpect Answer 0207 Parentquestionnaire4__cotedsExpecting-youngerexpect1441Y 0N1/2/0 in CMS and backup (yes/no/prefer not to say) recoded to 1/0 (yes/no) with prefer not to answer treated as missing. No recoding needed in paper.