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Raw data variables in the 21 Year phase 1 twin questionnaire

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The table below lists all item variables in the 21 Year phase 1 twin questionnaire data. This documents the original positions and names of the variables in the raw data files (CMS and backup) in relation to the final dataset variable names of equivalent variables. The table also shows the coding used in the dataset variables, and what (if any) recoding was needed from the raw data variables.

Paper booklets were manually entered and the data stored in an Access database. Here, the raw variable names are the same as the dataset variable names.

Omitted variables

The table omits variables that were included in the CMS and backup raw data files but have not been included in the dataset. These include the following:

  • CMS variables with names ending in "Done" for all items (coded true/false). These are redundant, simply denoting whether or not each item was attempted; and they are absent from the backup and paper data.
  • CMS variables with names ending in "Elapsed time" for all items (number of milliseconds). These recorded the response time, in milliseconds, for each item. These have been omitted because they are absent in the backup and paper data, and they would have doubled the number of item variables. Before being dropped, they were used to derive new variables to measure the time taken for each questionnaire section/theme.
  • Admin-related items (CMS and backup) containing personal data such as names, address fields, email address, phone numbers and reward preferences.
  • Admin-related items (all versions) containing CoTEDS personal information about children of twins and twin pregnancies.
  • Derived scores (CMS and backup) used to present feedback in the app. These will be replaced in the dataset with conventional derived scales.
  • Screening items (CMS and backup) included solely in order to implement a branching structure, without recording useful data in themselves. There were two such items in the phase 1 twin questionnaire; these items were absent from the paper version.
  • Questionnaire start and end date-times (CMS and backup). These are dropped from the dataset after using them to derive twin ages and questionnaire durations.
  • Various redundant items that do not provide useful information about twins or their responses. These include redundant ID/username fields and variables describing the structure of the questionnaire itself.
  • Variables giving detailed information about browser version and language, operating system version and device model name; these contain many unique values that could potentially identify participants, and they are of doubtful value in analysis (also, they specific to the CMS or web data collections).
  • Variables describing the status or level of completion of each section/theme in the questionnaire. These have been replaced with derived "status" variables with more conventional coding.
  • In the backup file, the date-time of the start and end of each section/theme of the questionnaire. These are omitted because they are absent from the CMS and paper versions. For the backup version, before being dropped, they were used to derive new variables to measure the time taken for each questionnaire section/theme.

Coding changes

In the phase 1 twin questionnaire, there are many differences in coding of the raw data between the three versions. Often, an explicitly-coded "prefer not to answer" response option was included in the CMS and/or backup versions, but not in the paper version. In the CMS and/or the backup (not always consistently), with a given measure some items may have been forward-coded while others were reverse-coded; in the paper raw data, generally all items were coded in the forward-coded direction. Yes/no responses were coded in a variety of ways in the CMS and backup, again not always consistently. These differences are documented in the table, in the column headed "Recoding from raw data".

Changes in coding from raw data sources to dataset have been designed to ensure consistency between the three versions, and to conform to TEDS coding conventions. Coding conventions used in TEDS datasets include the use of 1/0 coding for yes/no responses, and 0, 1, 2, ... coding for response categories starting with "no", "none" or "never" or similar responses. Where reversed versions of items are needed in the dataset to create scales, the variable is included in its conventional (forward-coded) with the addition of a separate reverse-coded variable; the reverse-coded variables are not generally tabulated below, unless the raw variable itself was reverse-coded in one or more versions. Items with explicitly coded "prefer not to answer" or "not applicable" types of responses have been recoded to missing, generally because they were not used consistently in all versions and so are typically missing in the paper data, for example. In the CMS, optional questions with a "prefer not to answer" label generally produced a missing value in the data.

Table of variables

The table columns are as follows:

  • Dataset variable name
  • Order in CMS raw file. This number represents the order number of the variable in the CMS raw data file.
  • CMS raw variable name. This name is used as a heading in the CMS raw data file.
  • Order in backup raw file. This number represents the order number of the variable in the backup raw data file.
  • Backup raw variable name. This name is used as a heading in the backup raw data file.
  • Dataset coding. The response coding used in the dataset for the variable.
  • Recoding from raw data. This column documents differences in raw data coding between the three versions, and what recoding was necessary to achieve the dataset coding. A dash ("-") indicates that no recoding was necessary.

The table does not show a raw variable name for the paper data (stored in the Access database), because these are the same as the dataset variable names.

Variables are presented approximately in the order in which they appeared in the questionnaire battery (and in the paper questionnaire).

Dataset variableOrder in CMS raw fileCMS raw variable nameOrder in backup raw fileBackup raw variable name Dataset codingRecoding from raw data
id_twin1TedsId15consent__twinID scrambled IDID made anonymous for dataset
14Platfrom - Type14 consenttechuseragentu1csource: 1=CMS app, 2=CMS web, 3=backup, 4=paper.
u1cdevmob: 1=mobile device, 0=laptop/desktop
Derived. CMS and backup raw variables are strings.
u1cstart [not retained in dataset]21First interaction at-earliest [admin file]date-time value Not present in paper data. No recoding needed in CMS and backup.
u1cend [not retained in dataset]22Last interaction at -latest [admin file]date-time valueNot present in paper data. No recoding needed in CMS and backup.
u1cos17Platfrom - OS11 consent__tech-OS0 to 5 (nominal codes)Not present in paper data. Raw CMS and backup variables are strings, recoded to numeric categories for the dataset.
u1cbrows-[derived from Platfrom - Model if done on web]8consent__tech-browser0 to 5 (nominal codes) Not present in paper data. Raw CMS and backup variables are strings, recoded to numeric categories for the dataset.
u1cdevwdth [derived from these two backup variables] --12consent__tech-scrwidth 1=small (<768), 2=medium (768-1199), 3=large (1200+ pixels)Backup data only
--13consent__tech-scrheightBackup data only
u1cpers0141Theme Your Personality - personality-heading-pers1-1 Answer 033 personality__bigfive1-pers11=low to 5=high Raw coding: 5-1 (reverse coding) in all versions. Coding reversed from 5-1 to 1-5.
u1cpers0244Theme Your Personality - personality-heading-pers2-1 Answer 034 personality__bigfive1-pers2
u1cpers0347Theme Your Personality - personality-heading-pers3-1 Answer 035 personality__bigfive1-pers3
u1cpers0450Theme Your Personality - personality-heading-pers4-1 Answer 036 personality__bigfive1-pers4
u1cpers0553Theme Your Personality - personality-heading-pers5-1 Answer 037 personality__bigfive1-pers5
u1cpers0656Theme Your Personality - personality-heading-pers6-1 Answer 038 personality__bigfive2-pers6
u1cpers0759Theme Your Personality - personality-heading-pers7-1 Answer 039 personality__bigfive2-pers7
u1cpers0862Theme Your Personality - personality-heading-pers8-1 Answer 040 personality__bigfive2-pers8
u1cpers0965Theme Your Personality - personality-heading-pers9-1 Answer 041 personality__bigfive2-pers9
u1cpers1068Theme Your Personality - personality-heading-pers10-1 Answer 042 personality__bigfive2-pers10
u1cpers1171Theme Your Personality - personality-heading-pers11-1 Answer 043 personality__bigfive3-pers11
u1cpers1274Theme Your Personality - personality-heading-pers12-1 Answer 044 personality__bigfive3-pers12
u1cpers1377Theme Your Personality - personality-heading-pers13-1 Answer 045 personality__bigfive3-pers13
u1cpers1480Theme Your Personality - personality-heading-pers14-1 Answer 046 personality__bigfive3-pers14
u1cpers1583Theme Your Personality - personality-heading-pers15-1 Answer 047 personality__bigfive3-pers15
u1cpers1686Theme Your Personality - personality-heading-pers16-1 Answer 048 personality__bigfive4-pers16
u1cpers1789Theme Your Personality - personality-heading-pers17-1 Answer 049 personality__bigfive4-pers17
u1cpers1892Theme Your Personality - personality-heading-pers18-1 Answer 050 personality__bigfive4-pers18
u1cpers1995Theme Your Personality - personality-heading-pers19-1 Answer 051 personality__bigfive4-pers19
u1cpers2098Theme Your Personality - personality-heading-pers20-1 Answer 052 personality__bigfive4-pers20
u1cpers21101Theme Your Personality - personality-heading-pers21-1 Answer 053 personality__bigfive5-pers21
u1cpers22104Theme Your Personality - personality-heading-pers22-1 Answer 054 personality__bigfive5-pers22
u1cpers23107Theme Your Personality - personality-heading-pers23-1 Answer 055 personality__bigfive5-pers23
u1cpers24110Theme Your Personality - personality-heading-pers24-1 Answer 056 personality__bigfive5-pers24
u1cpers25113Theme Your Personality - personality-heading-pers25-1 Answer 057 personality__bigfive5-pers25
u1cpers26116Theme Your Personality - personality-heading-pers26-1 Answer 058 personality__bigfive6-pers26
u1cpers27119Theme Your Personality - personality-heading-pers27-1 Answer 059 personality__bigfive6-pers27
u1cpers28122Theme Your Personality - personality-heading-pers28-1 Answer 060 personality__bigfive6-pers28
u1cpers29125Theme Your Personality - personality-heading-pers29-1 Answer 061 personality__bigfive6-pers29
u1cpers30128Theme Your Personality - personality-heading-pers30-1 Answer 062 personality__bigfive6-pers30
u1cself1--63 personality__selfcont-selfcont10=not at all to 4=very much Forward-coded item present in backup and paper only. Raw coding: 1-5 (paper and backup). Recoded from 1-5 to 0-4.
u1cself1r131Theme Your Personality - personality-heading-selfcont1 Answer 0--0=very much to 4=not at allReverse-coded item present in CMS only. Raw coding: 5-1. Recoded from 5-1 to 4-0.
u1cself2134Theme Your Personality - personality-heading-selfcont2 Answer 064 personality__selfcont-selfcont20=not at all to 4=very muchRaw coding: 1-5 (all versions). Recoded from 1-5 to 0-4.
u1cself3137Theme Your Personality - personality-heading-selfcont3 Answer 065 personality__selfcont-selfcont3
u1cself4140Theme Your Personality - personality-heading-selfcont4 Answer 066 personality__selfcont-selfcont4
u1cself5143Theme Your Personality - personality-heading-selfcont5 Answer 067 personality__selfcont-selfcont5
u1cself6146Theme Your Personality - personality-heading-selfcont6 Answer 068 personality__selfcont-selfcont6
u1cfcon1149Theme Your Personality - personality-heading-future1-1 Answer 069 personality__future-future11=uncharacteristic to 5=characteristic-
u1cfcon2152Theme Your Personality - personality-heading-future2-1 Answer 070 personality__future-future2
u1cfcon3155Theme Your Personality - personality-heading-future3-1 Answer 071 personality__future-future3
u1cfconqc158Theme Your Personality - personality-heading-future4-1 Answer 072 personality__future-future4
u1cfcon4161Theme Your Personality - personality-heading-future5-1 Answer 073 personality__future-future5
u1cmanx164Theme Your Personality - personality-heading-maths-1 Answer 074 personality__mathsanx-maths1=not anxious to 10=very anxious -
u1crsk1167Theme Your Personality - personality-risktak1 Answer 075personality__risktak-1 0=never to 4=very oftenRaw coding: 1-5 (all versions). Recoded from 1-5 to 0-4.
u1crsk2170Theme Your Personality - personality-risktak2 Answer 076personality__risktak-2
u1crsk3173Theme Your Personality - personality-risktak3 Answer 077personality__risktak-3
u1crsk4176Theme Your Personality - personality-risktak4 Answer 078personality__risktak-4
u1crsk5179Theme Your Personality - personality-risktak5 Answer 079personality__risktak-5
u1crsk6182Theme Your Personality - personality-risktak6 Answer 080personality__risktak-6
u1cbaq1185Theme Your Personality - personality-BAQ1-1 Answer 081personality__aggress-1 1=disagree to 5=agree-
u1cbaq2188Theme Your Personality - personality-BAQ2-1 Answer 082personality__aggress-2
u1cbaq3191Theme Your Personality - personality-BAQ3-1 Answer 083personality__aggress-3
u1cbaq4194Theme Your Personality - personality-BAQ4-1 Answer 084personality__aggress-4
u1cbaq5197Theme Your Personality - personality-BAQ5-1 Answer 085personality__aggress-5
u1cbaq6200Theme Your Personality - personality-BAQ6-1 Answer 086personality__aggress-6
u1cbaq7203Theme Your Personality - personality-BAQ7-1 Answer 087personality__aggress-7
u1cbaq8206Theme Your Personality - personality-BAQ8-1 Answer 088personality__aggress-8
u1cgoal1209Theme Thoughts and Attitudes - thoughtsandattitudes-thoughts-goals1-1 Answer 097 thoughtsandattitudestest__goals-10=not to 4=very importantRaw coding: 1-5 (all versions). Recoded from 1-5 to 0-4.
u1cgoal2217Theme Thoughts and Attitudes - thoughtsandattitudes-thoughts-goals2-1 Answer 098 thoughtsandattitudestest__goals-2
u1cgoal3220Theme Thoughts and Attitudes - thoughtsandattitudes-thoughts-goals3-1 Answer 099 thoughtsandattitudestest__goals-3
u1cgoal4223Theme Thoughts and Attitudes - thoughtsandattitudes-thoughts-goals4-1 Answer 0100 thoughtsandattitudestest__goals-4
u1cgoal5226Theme Thoughts and Attitudes - thoughtsandattitudes-thoughts-goals5-1 Answer 0101 thoughtsandattitudestest__goals-5
u1cgoal6229Theme Thoughts and Attitudes - thoughtsandattitudes-thoughts-goals6-1 Answer 0102 thoughtsandattitudestest__goals-6
u1cgoal7232Theme Thoughts and Attitudes - thoughtsandattitudes-thoughts-goals7-1 Answer 0103 thoughtsandattitudestest__goals-7
u1cgoal8235Theme Thoughts and Attitudes - thoughtsandattitudes-thoughts-goals8-1 Answer 0104 thoughtsandattitudestest__goals-8
u1cgoalqc238Theme Thoughts and Attitudes - thoughtsandattitudes-thoughts-goals9-1 Answer 0105 thoughtsandattitudestest__goals-9
u1cgoal9241Theme Thoughts and Attitudes - thoughtsandattitudes-thoughts-goals10-1 Answer 0106 thoughtsandattitudestest__goals-10
u1cpil1244Theme Thoughts and Attitudes - thoughtsandattitudes-thoughts-PIL1-1 Answer 0107 thoughtsandattitudestest__PIL-PIL11=negative to 5=positive-
u1cpil2247Theme Thoughts and Attitudes - thoughtsandattitudes-thoughts-PIL2-1 Answer 0108 thoughtsandattitudestest__PIL-PIL2
u1cpil3250Theme Thoughts and Attitudes - thoughtsandattitudes-thoughts-PIL3-1 Answer 0109 thoughtsandattitudestest__PIL-PIL3
u1cpil4253Theme Thoughts and Attitudes - thoughtsandattitudes-thoughts-PIL4-1 Answer 0110 thoughtsandattitudestest__PIL-PIL4
u1cpil5256Theme Thoughts and Attitudes - thoughtsandattitudes-thoughts-PIL5-1 Answer 0111 thoughtsandattitudestest__PIL-PIL5
u1cbsae1259Theme Thoughts and Attitudes - thoughtsandattitudes-thoughts-pay Answer 0112 thoughtsandattitudestest__env-pay1=disagree to 5=agree-
u1cbsae2---- 1=disagree to 5=agreeForward-coded item present in paper raw data only (no recoding needed).
u1cbsae2r262Theme Thoughts and Attitudes - thoughtsandattitudes-thoughts-crisis Answer 0113 thoughtsandattitudestest__env-crisis1=agree to 5=disagreeReverse-coded item present in CMS and backup raw data only (no recoding needed).
u1cbsae3r265Theme Thoughts and Attitudes - thoughtsandattitudes-thoughts-climatechange Answer 0114 thoughtsandattitudestest__env-climatechange
u1cbsae4r268Theme Thoughts and Attitudes - thoughtsandattitudes-thoughts-lifestyle Answer 0115 thoughtsandattitudestest__env-lifestyle
u1cbsae5r271Theme Thoughts and Attitudes - thoughtsandattitudes-thoughts-others Answer 0116 thoughtsandattitudestest__env-others
u1cbsae6r274Theme Thoughts and Attitudes - thoughtsandattitudes-thoughts-Britian Answer 0117 thoughtsandattitudestest__env-Britian
u1cbsag1277Theme Thoughts and Attitudes - thoughtsandattitudes-thoughts-standardliving Answer 0118 thoughtsandattitudestest__attitudes-standardliving 1=agree to 5=disagree-
u1cbsag2280Theme Thoughts and Attitudes - thoughtsandattitudes-thoughts-government Answer 0119 thoughtsandattitudestest__attitudes-government
u1cbsag3283Theme Thoughts and Attitudes - thoughtsandattitudes-thoughts-oppurtunities Answer 0120 thoughtsandattitudestest__attitudes-oppurtunities
u1cbsag4286Theme Thoughts and Attitudes - thoughtsandattitudes-thoughts-democraticrights Answer 0121 thoughtsandattitudestest__attitudes-democraticrights
u1cbsag5289Theme Thoughts and Attitudes - thoughtsandattitudes-thoughts-healthcare Answer 0122 thoughtsandattitudestest__attitudes-healthcare
u1cpolv1292Theme Thoughts and Attitudes - thoughtsandattitudes-thoughts-Politics Answer 0123 thoughtsandattitudestest__politics-interest0=not to 3=very interestedRaw coding: 1-4 (all versions). Recoded from 1-4 to 0-3.
u1cpolv2295Theme Thoughts and Attitudes - thoughtsandattitudes-thoughts-LeftRight Answer 0124 thoughtsandattitudestest__politics-LeftRight0=left to 5=right Raw coding: 1-6 in CMS and backup; recoded from 1-6 to 0-5. No recoding needed for paper.
u1cpher01298Theme Thoughts and Attitudes - thoughtsandattitudes-background2-eye Answer 0125 thoughtsandattitudestest__heritability1-herit10, 10, 20 … 100Raw coding: 0-10 (all versions). Recoded from 0-10 to 0-100.
u1cpher02301Theme Thoughts and Attitudes - thoughtsandattitudes-background2-height Answer 0126 thoughtsandattitudestest__heritability1-herit2
u1cpher03304Theme Thoughts and Attitudes - thoughtsandattitudes-background2-weight Answer 0127 thoughtsandattitudestest__heritability1-herit3
u1cpher04307Theme Thoughts and Attitudes - thoughtsandattitudes-background2-cancer Answer 0128 thoughtsandattitudestest__heritability1-herit4
u1cpher05310Theme Thoughts and Attitudes - thoughtsandattitudes-background2-ulcers Answer 0129 thoughtsandattitudestest__heritability1-herit5
u1cpher06313Theme Thoughts and Attitudes - thoughtsandattitudes-background2-schizophrenia Answer 0130 thoughtsandattitudestest__heritability2-herit6
u1cpher07316Theme Thoughts and Attitudes - thoughtsandattitudes-background2-autism Answer 0131 thoughtsandattitudestest__heritability2-herit7
u1cpher08319Theme Thoughts and Attitudes - thoughtsandattitudes-background2-reading Answer 0132 thoughtsandattitudestest__heritability2-herit8
u1cpher09322Theme Thoughts and Attitudes - thoughtsandattitudes-background2-achievement Answer 0133 thoughtsandattitudestest__heritability2-herit9
u1cpher10325Theme Thoughts and Attitudes - thoughtsandattitudes-background2-verbal Answer 0134 thoughtsandattitudestest__heritability2-herit10
u1cpher11328Theme Thoughts and Attitudes - thoughtsandattitudes-background2-faces Answer 0135 thoughtsandattitudestest__heritability3-herit11
u1cpher12331Theme Thoughts and Attitudes - thoughtsandattitudes-background2-intelligence Answer 0136 thoughtsandattitudestest__heritability3-herit12
u1cpher13334Theme Thoughts and Attitudes - thoughtsandattitudes-background2-personality Answer 0137 thoughtsandattitudestest__heritability3-herit13
u1cpher14337Theme Thoughts and Attitudes - thoughtsandattitudes-background2-navigation Answer 0138 thoughtsandattitudestest__heritability3-herit14
u1csdq01340Theme About You - aboutyou-about-Strengths1 Answer 0144aboutyou__strengths1-Strengths1 0=not, 1=quite, 2=very trueRaw coding: 1-3 (all versions). Recoded from 1-3 to 0-2.
u1csdq02345Theme About You - aboutyou-about-Strengths2 Answer 0145aboutyou__strengths1-Strengths2
u1csdq03348Theme About You - aboutyou-about-Strengths3 Answer 0146aboutyou__strengths1-Strengths3
u1csdq04351Theme About You - aboutyou-about-Strengths4 Answer 0147aboutyou__strengths1-Strengths4
u1csdq05354Theme About You - aboutyou-about-Strengths5 Answer 0148aboutyou__strengths1-Strengths5
u1csdq06357Theme About You - aboutyou-about-Strengths6 Answer 0149aboutyou__strengths2-Strengths6
u1csdq08363Theme About You - aboutyou-about-Strengths8 Answer 0151aboutyou__strengths2-Strengths8
u1csdqqc366Theme About You - aboutyou-about-Strengths9 Answer 0152aboutyou__strengths2-Strengths9
u1csdq09369Theme About You - aboutyou-about-Strengths10 Answer 0153 aboutyou__strengths2-Strengths10
u1csdq10372Theme About You - aboutyou-about-Strengths11 Answer 0154 aboutyou__strengths3-Strengths11
u1csdq12378Theme About You - aboutyou-about-Strengths13 Answer 0156 aboutyou__strengths3-Strengths13
u1csdq13381Theme About You - aboutyou-about-Strengths14 Answer 0157 aboutyou__strengths3-Strengths14
u1csdq15387Theme About You - aboutyou-about-Strengths16 Answer 0159 aboutyou__strengths4-Strengths16
u1csdq16390Theme About You - aboutyou-about-Strengths17 Answer 0160 aboutyou__strengths4-Strengths17
u1csdq17393Theme About You - aboutyou-about-Strengths18 Answer 0161 aboutyou__strengths4-Strengths18
u1csdq18396Theme About You - aboutyou-about-Strengths19 Answer 0162 aboutyou__strengths4-Strengths19
u1csdq19399Theme About You - aboutyou-about-Strengths20 Answer 0163 aboutyou__strengths4-Strengths20
u1csdq22408Theme About You - aboutyou-about-Strengths23 Answer 0166 aboutyou__strengths5-Strengths23
u1csdq23411Theme About You - aboutyou-about-Strengths24 Answer 0167 aboutyou__strengths5-Strengths24
u1csdq24414Theme About You - aboutyou-about-Strengths25 Answer 0168 aboutyou__strengths5-Strengths25
u1csdq20402Theme About You - aboutyou-about-Strengths21 Answer 0164 aboutyou__strengths5-Strengths210=not, 1=quite, 2=very true Raw coding: 1-3 in paper, 3-1 in CMS and backup (reverse-coded in error). Recoded from 1-3 to 0-2 in paper, 3-1 to 0-2 in CMS and backup.
u1csdq07---- 0=not, 1=quite, 2=very trueForward-coded item present in paper raw data only, coded 1-3. Recoded from 1-3 to 0-2.
u1csdq07r360Theme About You - aboutyou-about-Strengths7 Answer 0150 aboutyou__strengths2-Strengths70=very, 1=quite, 2=not trueReverse-coded item present in CMS and backup raw data only, coded 1-3. Recoded from 1-3 to 0-2.
u1csdq11r375Theme About You - aboutyou-about-Strengths12 Answer 0155 aboutyou__strengths3-Strengths12
u1csdq14r384Theme About You - aboutyou-about-Strengths15 Answer 0158 aboutyou__strengths3-Strengths15
u1csdq21r405Theme About You - aboutyou-about-Strengths22 Answer 0165 aboutyou__strengths5-Strengths22
u1csdq25r417Theme About You - aboutyou-about-Strengths26 Answer 0169 aboutyou__strengths5-Strengths26
u1cvoln1420Theme About You - aboutyou-about-Volunteer1 Answer 0170aboutyou__volunteer-Volunteer1 0=never to 4=13+ timesRaw coding: 1-5 (all versions). Recoded from 1-5 to 0-4.
u1cvoln2423Theme About You - aboutyou-about-Volunteer2 Answer 0171aboutyou__volunteer-Volunteer2
u1cvoln3426Theme About You - aboutyou-about-Volunteer3 Answer 0172aboutyou__volunteer-Volunteer3
u1cvoln4429Theme About You - aboutyou-about-Volunteer4 Answer 0173aboutyou__volunteer-Volunteer4
u1cvoln5432Theme About You - aboutyou-about-Volunteer5 Answer 0174aboutyou__volunteer-Volunteer5
u1cmfq1435Theme About You - aboutyou-about-Mood1 Answer 0175aboutyou__mood-Mood10=not, 1=quite, 2=very trueRaw coding: 1-3 (all versions). Recoded from 1-3 to 0-2.
u1cmfq2438Theme About You - aboutyou-about-Mood2 Answer 0176aboutyou__mood-Mood2
u1cmfq3441Theme About You - aboutyou-about-Mood3 Answer 0177aboutyou__mood-Mood3
u1cmfq4444Theme About You - aboutyou-about-Mood4 Answer 0178aboutyou__mood-Mood4
u1cmfq5447Theme About You - aboutyou-about-Mood5 Answer 0179aboutyou__mood-Mood5
u1cmfq6450Theme About You - aboutyou-about-Mood6 Answer 0180aboutyou__mood2-Mood6
u1cmfq7453Theme About You - aboutyou-about-Mood7 Answer 0181aboutyou__mood2-Mood7
u1cmfqqc456Theme About You - aboutyou-about-Mood8 Answer 0182aboutyou__mood2-Mood8
u1cmfq8459Theme About You - aboutyou-about-Mood9 Answer 0183aboutyou__mood2-Mood9
u1cpeer1462Theme About You - aboutyou-about-Pressure1-1 Answer 0184aboutyou__pressure-1 1=disagree to 5=agreeRaw coding: 1-5 in CMS and paper, 0-5 in backup. 0=prefer not to answer recoded to missing (backup). 1-5 coding left unchanged.
u1cpeerqc465Theme About You - aboutyou-about-Pressure2-1 Answer 0185aboutyou__pressure-2
u1cpeer2468Theme About You - aboutyou-about-Pressure3-1 Answer 0186aboutyou__pressure-3
u1cpeer3471Theme About You - aboutyou-about-Pressure4-1 Answer 0187aboutyou__pressure-4
u1cpeer4474Theme About You - aboutyou-about-Pressure5-1 Answer 0188aboutyou__pressure-5
u1cpeer5477Theme About You - aboutyou-about-Pressure6-1 Answer 0189aboutyou__pressure-6
u1cpeer6480Theme About You - aboutyou-about-Pressure7-1 Answer 0190aboutyou__pressure-7
u1cpeer7483Theme About You - aboutyou-about-Pressure8-1 Answer 0191aboutyou__pressure-8
u1crelg1486Theme About You - aboutyou-Religion1 Answer 0192aboutyou__religion-Religion1 0=never to 5=every dayRaw coding: 1-6 (all versions). Recoded from 1-6 to 0-5.
u1crelg2489Theme About You - aboutyou-Religion2 Answer 0193aboutyou__religion-Religion2
u1crelg3492Theme About You - aboutyou-Religion3 Answer 0194aboutyou__religion-Religion3
u1crelg4495Theme About You - aboutyou-Religion4 Answer 0195aboutyou__religion-Religion4
u1crelg5498Theme About You - aboutyou-Religion5-1 Answer 0196aboutyou__religion-Beliefs1=disbelieve to 5=believe-
u1crelst501Theme Love and Relationships - loveandrelationships-Relationships-relat1 Answer 0205 loveandrelationships__status-relat11 to 8 (nominal codes) Raw coding: 1-9 in CMS and backup, 1-8 in paper. 9=prefer not to answer recoded to missing (CMS and backup). 1-8 coding left unchanged.
u1csexor509Theme Love and Relationships - loveandrelationships-Relationships-Sexuality Answer 0206 loveandrelationships__status-Sexuality1 to 7 (nominal codes) Raw coding: 0-7 in CMS and backup, 1-7 in paper. 0=prefer not to answer recoded to missing (CMS and backup). 1-7 coding left unchanged.
u1crela1512Theme Love and Relationships - loveandrelationships-Relationships-relat2 Answer 0207 loveandrelationships__relationships1-relat21=0-1 month to 5=over a year-
u1crela2515Theme Love and Relationships - loveandrelationships-Relationships-relat3 Answer 0208 loveandrelationships__relationships1-relat30=0 to 4=11 or more Raw coding: 1-5 (all versions). Recoded from 1-5 to 0-4.
u1crela3518Theme Love and Relationships - loveandrelationships-Relationships-relat4 Answer 0209 loveandrelationships__relationships1-relat41=0-6 months to 5=5+ years-
u1crela4521Theme Love and Relationships - loveandrelationships-Relationships-relat5-1 Answer 0210 loveandrelationships__relationships2-11=disagree to 5=agree-
u1crela5524Theme Love and Relationships - loveandrelationships-Relationships-relat6-1 Answer 0211 loveandrelationships__relationships2-2
u1crela6527Theme Love and Relationships - loveandrelationships-Relationships-relat7-1 Answer 0212 loveandrelationships__relationships2-3
u1cmarr1530Theme Love and Relationships - loveandrelationships-Relationships-marr1 Answer 0213 loveandrelationships__marriage1-marr11=disagree to 5=agree-
u1cmarr3536Theme Love and Relationships - loveandrelationships-Relationships-marr3 Answer 0215 loveandrelationships__marriage1-marr3
u1cmarr6545Theme Love and Relationships - loveandrelationships-Relationships-marr6 Answer 0218 loveandrelationships__marriage2-marr6
u1cmarr7548Theme Love and Relationships - loveandrelationships-Relationships-marr7 Answer 0219 loveandrelationships__marriage2-marr7
u1cmarr2---- 1=disagree to 5=agreeForward-coded item present in paper raw data only: no recoding needed.
u1cmarr2r533Theme Love and Relationships - loveandrelationships-Relationships-marr2 Answer 0214 loveandrelationships__marriage1-marr21=agree to 5=disagreeReverse-coded item present in CMS and backup raw data only: no recoding needed.
u1cmarr4r539Theme Love and Relationships - loveandrelationships-Relationships-marr4 Answer 0216 loveandrelationships__marriage1-marr4
u1cmarr5r542Theme Love and Relationships - loveandrelationships-Relationships-marr5 Answer 0217 loveandrelationships__marriage2-marr5
u1cmarr8r551Theme Love and Relationships - loveandrelationships-Relationships-marr8 Answer 0220 loveandrelationships__marriage2-marr8
u1csexb1554Theme Love and Relationships - loveandrelationships-Relationships-everSBE Answer 0221 loveandrelationships__SBEscreen-everSBE1Y 0NRaw coding: 2/1/0 in CMS and backup, 1/0/2 in paper (yes/no/prefer not to answer). Recoded to 1Y 0N in all versions, with prefer not to answer treated as missing.
u1csexb2557Theme Love and Relationships - loveandrelationships-Relationships-ageSBE Answer 0222 loveandrelationships__SBE-ageSBE1=11 or less to 7=17 or more Raw coding: 0-7 in backup, 1-7 in CMS and paper. 0=prefer not to answer recoded to missing (backup). 1-7 coding left unchanged.
u1csexb3560Theme Love and Relationships - loveandrelationships-Relationships-numberSBE Answer 0223 loveandrelationships__SBE-numberSBE1=1 to 5=15+Raw coding: 0-5 in backup, 1-5 in CMS and paper. 0=prefer not to answer recoded to missing (backup). 1-5 coding left unchanged.
u1csexb4563Theme Love and Relationships - loveandrelationships-Relationships-condomuse Answer 0224 loveandrelationships__SBE-condomuse0=never to 4=always Raw coding: 5-1 (reversed) in CMS, 5-0 (reversed) in backup, 1-5 in paper. 0=prefer not to answer recoded to missing (backup). Coding reversed in CMS and backup, then recoded from 1-5 to 0-4 in all versions.
u1csexb5566Theme Love and Relationships - loveandrelationships-Relationships-condomother Answer 0225 loveandrelationships__SBE-condomother
u1csexb6569Theme Love and Relationships - loveandrelationships-Relationships-dfe Answer 0226 loveandrelationships__STDs-STD0=no to 4=yes 8+ timesRaw coding: 1-5 in CMS and paper, 0-5 in backup. 0=prefer not to answer recoded to missing (backup). Then 1-5 coding recoded to 0-4.
u1csexb7572Theme Love and Relationships - loveandrelationships-Relationships-hiv2 Answer 0227 loveandrelationships__STDs-STDTypes1Y 0NRaw coding: yes/no/prefer not to answer coded 2/1/0 in backup, 1/0/2 in paper, 2/1 in CMS (without coding for prefer not to answer). Prefer not to answer response recoded to missing, and yes/no responses recoded to 1/0.
u1cparv1575Theme Love and Relationships - loveandrelationships-Partviol-relat17-1 Answer 0228 loveandrelationships__Partviol-relat171=disagree to 5=agreeRaw coding: 1-5 in CMS and paper, 0-5 in backup. 0=prefer not to answer recoded to missing in backup. 1-5 coding left unchanged.
u1cparv2578Theme Love and Relationships - loveandrelationships-Partviol-relat18-1 Answer 0229 loveandrelationships__Partviol-relat18
u1cparv3581Theme Love and Relationships - loveandrelationships-Partviol-relat19-1 Answer 0230 loveandrelationships__Partviol-relat19
u1cparv4584Theme Love and Relationships - loveandrelationships-Partviol-relat20-1 Answer 0231 loveandrelationships__Partviol-relat20
u1cparv5587Theme Love and Relationships - loveandrelationships-Partviol-relat21-1 Answer 0232 loveandrelationships__Partviol-relat21
u1cparv6590Theme Love and Relationships - loveandrelationships-Partviol-relat22-1 Answer 0233 loveandrelationships__Partviol-relat22
u1ctwnr1599Theme Home and Family - homefamilya-q-home1-1 Answer 0241homefamilya__relTwin-1 1=disagree to 5=agree-
u1ctwnr2602Theme Home and Family - homefamilya-q-home2-1 Answer 0242homefamilya__relTwin-2
u1ctwnr3605Theme Home and Family - homefamilya-q-home3-1 Answer 0243homefamilya__relTwin-3
u1ctwnr4608Theme Home and Family - homefamilya-q-home4-1 Answer 0244homefamilya__relTwin-4
u1ctwnr5611Theme Home and Family - homefamilya-q-home5-1 Answer 0245homefamilya__relTwin-5
u1cmumr1614Theme Home and Family - homefamilya-q-home6-1 Answer 0246homefamilya__relMother-1
u1cmumr2617Theme Home and Family - homefamilya-q-home7-1 Answer 0247homefamilya__relMother-2
u1cmumr3620Theme Home and Family - homefamilya-q-home8-1 Answer 0248homefamilya__relMother-3
u1cmumr4623Theme Home and Family - homefamilya-q-home9-1 Answer 0249homefamilya__relMother-4
u1cmumr5626Theme Home and Family - homefamilya-q-home10-1 Answer 0250homefamilya__relMother-5
u1cdadr1629Theme Home and Family - homefamilya-q-home11-1 Answer 0251homefamilya__relFather-1
u1cdadr2632Theme Home and Family - homefamilya-q-home12-1 Answer 0252homefamilya__relFather-2
u1cdadr3635Theme Home and Family - homefamilya-q-home13-1 Answer 0253homefamilya__relFather-3
u1cdadr4638Theme Home and Family - homefamilya-q-home14-1 Answer 0254homefamilya__relFather-4
u1cdadr5641Theme Home and Family - homefamilya-q-home15-1 Answer 0255homefamilya__relFather-5
u1ccomm1644Theme Home and Family - homefamilya-q-comm1 Answer 0256homefamilya__comm-comm1 1=disagree to 5=agree-
u1ccomm3650Theme Home and Family - homefamilya-q-comm3 Answer 0258homefamilya__comm-comm3
u1ccomm5656Theme Home and Family - homefamilya-q-comm5 Answer 0260homefamilya__comm-comm5
u1ccomm2---- 1=disagree to 5=agreeForward-coded item present in paper raw data only: no recoding needed.
u1ccomm2r647Theme Home and Family - homefamilya-q-comm2 Answer 0257homefamilya__comm-comm2 1=agree to 5=disagreeReverse-coded item present in CMS and backup raw data only: no recoding needed.
u1ccomm4r653Theme Home and Family - homefamilya-q-comm4 Answer 0259homefamilya__comm-comm4
u1cchaos1659Theme Home and Family - homefamilya-q-chaos1 Answer 0261homefamilya__chaos-chaos1 0=not, 1=quite, 2=very trueRaw coding: 1-3 (all versions). Recoded from 1-3 to 0-2.
u1cchaos2662Theme Home and Family - homefamilya-q-chaos2 Answer 0262homefamilya__chaos-chaos2
u1cchaos3665Theme Home and Family - homefamilya-q-chaos3 Answer 0263homefamilya__chaos-chaos3
u1cchaos4668Theme Home and Family - homefamilya-q-chaos4 Answer 0264homefamilya__chaos-chaos4
u1cchaos5671Theme Home and Family - homefamilya-q-chaos5 Answer 0265homefamilya__chaos-chaos5
u1cchaos6674Theme Home and Family - homefamilya-q-chaos6 Answer 0266homefamilya__chaos-chaos6
u1cchild677Theme Home and Family - homefamilya-d-child Answer 0267homefamilya__children-child1Y 0N Raw coding: 1Y 2N in CMS and backup, 1Y 0N in paper. 2=no recoded to 0 in CMS and backup.
u1cpreg740Theme Home and Family - homefamilya-d-expecting Answer 0288 homefamilya__pregnancy-expecting1Y 0N Raw coding: 2Y 1N 0=prefer not to answer in CMS and backup, 1Y 0N in paper. 0=prefer not to answer recoded to missing in CMS and backup. 2Y 1N recoded to 1Y 0N in CMS and backup. Paper coding left unchanged.
u1ctchild746Theme Home and Family - homefamilya-d-cochild Answer 0290 homefamilya__cochildren-cochild
u1ctpreg788Theme Home and Family - homefamilya-d-copregnant Answer 0305 homefamilya__copregnancy-copregnant
u1callg1801Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-Anyallerg Answer 0313 health__allergies-Anyallerg1Y 0NRaw coding: 1Y 2N in CMS and backup, 1Y 0N in paper. 2=no recoded to 0 in CMS and backup.
u1callgpnt804Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-allergy Answer 0314 health__allergies-allergy-11Y 0N Backup and paper coding left unchanged. In the CMS raw data, each variable is coded 1=peanut, 2=tree nut, etc; these variables were recoded into a set of 1Y 0N variables equivalent to those in the backup and paper versions.
u1callgtnt805Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-allergy Answer 1315 health__allergies-allergy-2
u1callgses806Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-allergy Answer 2316 health__allergies-allergy-3
u1callgdry807Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-allergy Answer 3317 health__allergies-allergy-4
u1callgshf808Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-allergy Answer 4318 health__allergies-allergy-5
u1callgfsh809Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-allergy Answer 5319 health__allergies-allergy-6
u1callgegg810Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-allergy Answer 6320 health__allergies-allergy-7
u1callgwgl811Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-allergy Answer 7321 health__allergies-allergy-8
u1callgsoy812Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-allergy Answer 8322 health__allergies-allergy-9
u1callgcel813Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-allergy Answer 9323 health__allergies-allergy-10
u1callgmus814Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-allergy Answer 10324 health__allergies-allergy-11
u1callgfrt815Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-allergy Answer 11325 health__allergies-allergy-12
u1callglac816Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-allergy Answer 12326 health__allergies-allergy-13
u1callgoth817Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-allergy Answer 13327 health__allergies-allergy-14
u1cdiet797Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-Diet Answer 0312health__diet-Diet 0=none, 1=vegan, 2=vegetarian, 3=pescetarian-
u1creap01820Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-portions1 Answer 0328 health__portions1-portions10=rarely to 4=every day Raw coding: 1-5 (all versions). Recoded from 1-5 to 0-4.
u1creap02823Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-portions2 Answer 0329 health__portions1-portions2
u1creap03826Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-portions3 Answer 0330 health__portions1-portions3
u1creap05832Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-portions5 Answer 0332 health__portions1-portions5
u1creap08841Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-portions8 Answer 0335 health__portions2-portions8
u1creap09844Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-portions9 Answer 0336 health__portions2-portions9
u1creapqc847Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-portions10 Answer 0337 health__portions3-portions10
u1creap04---- 0=rarely to 4=every dayForward-coded item present in paper raw data only, with raw coding 1-5. 1-5 recoded to 0-4.
u1creap04r829Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-portions4 Answer 0331 health__portions1-portions40=every day to 4=rarely Reverse-coded item present in CMS and backup raw data only, with raw coding 5-1. 5-1 recoded to 4-0.
u1creap06r835Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-portions6 Answer 0333 health__portions2-portions6
u1creap07r838Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-portions7 Answer 0334 health__portions2-portions7
u1creap10r850Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-portions11 Answer 0338 health__portions3-portions11
u1creap11r853Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-portions12 Answer 0339 health__portions3-portions12
u1creap12r856Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-portions13 Answer 0340 health__portions3-portions13
u1cantibr859Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-antibiotics Answer 0341 health__health1-antibiotics
u1cpainkr877Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-painkiller Answer 0347 health__health2-painkiller
u1crand1862Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-genhealth1 Answer 0342 health__health1-genhealth11=poor to 5=excellent -
u1crand2865Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-genhealth2 Answer 0343 health__health1-genhealth2
u1crand4871Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-genhealth4 Answer 0345 health__health2-genhealth4
u1crand3---- 1=disagree to 5=agreeForward-coded item present in paper raw data only: no recoding needed.
u1crand3r868Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-genhealth3 Answer 0344 health__health1-genhealth31=agree to 5=disagree Reverse-coded item present in CMS and backup raw data only: no recoding needed.
u1crand5r874Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-genhealth5 Answer 0346 health__health2-genhealth5
u1chtcm880Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-Howtall Answer 0348 health__heightweight-Howtallinteger (height in cm)Raw coding in CMS and backup: 1-40 (height interval categories); the recoding converts these categories to centimetres, rounding to the nearest whole number. Paper data were entered in numeric form, and converted to centimetres (if necessary) during data entry.
u1cwtkg883Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-Howweigh Answer 0349 health__heightweight-Howweighinteger (weight in kg)Raw coding in CMS and backup: 1-149 (weight interval categories); the recoding converts these categories to kilograms, rounding to the nearest whole number. Paper data were entered in numeric form, and converted to kilograms (if necessary) during data entry.
u1chosp1886Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-hospitalever Answer 0350 health__hospital-hospitalever0=no to 4=yes 8+ times Raw coding: 1-5 (all versions). Recoded from 1-5 to 0-4.
u1chosp2889Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-hospitalyear Answer 0351 health__hospital-hospitalyear
u1ceats01892Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-eat1-1 Answer 0352 health__selfimage1-eat10=never to 5=always Raw coding: 1-6 (all versions). Recoded from 1-6 to 0-5.
u1ceats02895Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-eat2-1 Answer 0353 health__selfimage1-eat2
u1ceats03898Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-eat3-1 Answer 0354 health__selfimage1-eat3
u1ceats04901Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-eat4-1 Answer 0355 health__selfimage1-eat4
u1ceats05904Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-eat5-1 Answer 0356 health__selfimage1-eat5
u1ceats06907Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-eat6-1 Answer 0357 health__selfimage2-eat6
u1ceats07910Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-eat7-1 Answer 0358 health__selfimage2-eat7
u1ceats08913Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-eat8-1 Answer 0359 health__selfimage2-eat8
u1ceats09916Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-eat9-1 Answer 0360 health__selfimage2-eat9
u1ceats10919Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-eat10-1 Answer 0361 health__selfimage2-eat10
u1ceats11922Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-eat11-1 Answer 0362 health__selfimage3-eat11
u1ceats12925Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-eat12-1 Answer 0363 health__selfimage3-eat12
u1ceatd1940Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-anorexia Answer 0368 health__eatingdisorders-eatingdis11Y 0N Raw coding: 2/1/0 in CMS and backup, 1/0/2 in paper (yes/no/prefer not to answer). Prefer not to answer responses are recoded to missing. Yes/no responses are recoded to 1/0 where necessary.
u1ceatd2943Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-Bulimia Answer 0369 health__eatingdisorders-eatingdis2
u1ceatd3946Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-binge Answer 0370 health__eatingdisorders-eatingdis3
u1cactv1928Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-excercise1 Answer 0364 health__exercise-exercise11=less than 15 mins to 5=over 3 hours-
u1cactv2931Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-excercise2 Answer 0365 health__exercise-exercise2
u1cactv3934Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-excercise3 Answer 0366 health__exercise-exercise3
u1cathl937Theme Your Health - health-healthbehaviour-Sport Answer 0367 health__exercise-Sport1=not participated to 8=international level -
u1cslfh01949Theme Your Health - health-suicide-Everkill Answer 0371 health__selfharm1-Everkill0=no to 4=yes 10+ times Raw coding: 0-5 in CMS and backup, 1-5 in paper. 0=prefer not to answer recoded to missing in CMS and backup. 1-5 coding recoded to 0-4 in all versions.
u1cslfh02952Theme Your Health - health-suicide-Everhurt Answer 0372 health__selfharm1-Everhurt
u1cslfh03955Theme Your Health - health-suicide-Withoutintent Answer 0373 health__selfharm2-Withoutintent
u1cslfh04958Theme Your Health - health-suicide-Wantkill Answer 0374 health__selfharm2-Wantkill
u1cslfh06964Theme Your Health - health-suicide-Explainwhy1 Answer 0376 health__selfharm2-Explainwhy1
u1cslfh07967Theme Your Health - health-suicide-Explainwhy2 Answer 0377 health__selfharm3-Explainwhy2
u1cslfh08970Theme Your Health - health-suicide-Explainwhy3 Answer 0378 health__selfharm3-Explainwhy3
u1cslfh09973Theme Your Health - health-suicide-Explainwhy4 Answer 0379 health__selfharm3-Explainwhy4
u1cslfh10976Theme Your Health - health-suicide-Explainwhy5 Answer 0380 health__selfharm3-Explainwhy5
u1cslfh05961Theme Your Health - health-suicide-Ageharm Answer 0375health__selfharm2-Ageharm1=11 or less to 8=18 or moreRaw coding: 0-8 in CMS and backup, 1-8 in paper. 0=prefer not to answer recoded to missing in CMS and backup. 1-8 coding left unchanged.
u1cslfh11979Theme Your Health - health-suicide-Soughthelp1 Answer 0381 health__selfharm4-Soughthelp11Y 0N Raw coding: 2Y 1N with 0=prefer not to answer in CMS and backup; 1Y 0N in paper. Prefer not to answer responses recoded to missing, and 2Y 1N recoded to 1Y 0N, in CMS and paper. No recoding needed for paper.
u1cslfh12982Theme Your Health - health-suicide-Soughthelp2 Answer 0382 health__selfharm4-Soughthelp2
u1cslfh13985Theme Your Health - health-suicide-Soughthelp3 Answer 0383 health__selfharm4-Soughthelp3
u1clivs1988Theme Education, Employment and Training - educationemploymentandtraining-background-livewith Answer 0388 educationemploymentandtraining__background-livewith1 to 5 (nominal codes)-
u1clivs21022Theme Education, Employment and Training - educationemploymentandtraining-background-living Answer 0399 educationemploymentandtraining__housing-living
u1cstatus995Theme Education, Employment and Training - educationemploymentandtraining-background-activitysingle Answer 0 390educationemploymentandtraining__background-activitysingle 1 to 6 (nominal codes)-
u1chqualc992Theme Education, Employment and Training - educationemploymentandtraining-background-qual Answer 0389 educationemploymentandtraining__background-qual1 to 13 (nominal codes)Raw coding: 1-14 in CMS and backup, 1-13 in paper. 14=prefer not to answer recoded to missing (CMS and backup). 1-13 coding left unchanged.
u1cdegr11082Theme Education, Employment and Training - educationemploymentandtraining-background-gradeundergrad Answer 0 419educationemploymentandtraining__uniqual-gradeundergrad 1=lowest to 5=highest gradeRaw coding: 0-5 in CMS and backup, 1-5 in paper. 0=prefer not to answer recoded to missing in CMS and backup. 1-5 coding left unchanged.
u1cdegr21085Theme Education, Employment and Training - educationemploymentandtraining-background-bscsubject Answer 0420 educationemploymentandtraining__uniqual-bscsubject1 to 17 (nominal codes)-
u1ccqualc998Theme Education, Employment and Training - educationemploymentandtraining-background-educurrent Answer 0391 educationemploymentandtraining__education-educurrent2 to 13 (nominal codes)Raw coding: 1 to 14 in CMS and backup, 2-13 in paper. 1=not applicable and 14=prefer not to answer recoded to missing in CMS and backup. 2-13 coding left unchanged.
u1cequalc1001Theme Education, Employment and Training - educationemploymentandtraining-background-highestexpect Answer 0 392educationemploymentandtraining__education-highestexpect
u1capp1004Theme Education, Employment and Training - educationemploymentandtraining-background-apprentcurrent Answer 0 393educationemploymentandtraining__apprent-apprentcurrent 1Y 0NRaw coding: 1Y 2N in CMS and backup, 1Y 0N in paper. 2=no recoded to 0 in CMS and backup.
u1capptyp1007Theme Education, Employment and Training - educationemploymentandtraining-background-apprenticeship Answer 0 394educationemploymentandtraining__apprent-apprenticeship1 to 8 (nominal codes)-
u1cjobc1010Theme Education, Employment and Training - educationemploymentandtraining-background-job1 Answer 0395 educationemploymentandtraining__employment-job11 to 27 (nominal codes)Raw coding: 1-28 in backup, 1-27 in CMS and paper but with differences in coding of individual responses from 23 to 27. 27=prefer not to say (both CMS and backup) recoded to missing. The 'goods handling' response was coded 23 in the paper, 28 in the backup (a late addition), and omitted in the CMS. For consistency with the correctly-coded paper version (1-27), codes 23-26 were recoded to 24-27 in the CMS and backup, while 28 was recoded to 23 in the backup. Coding 1-22 was left unchanged in the CMS and backup.
u1cjobft1013Theme Education, Employment and Training - educationemploymentandtraining-background-jobfull Answer 0396 educationemploymentandtraining__employment-jobfull1Y 0NRaw coding: 1Y 2N in CMS and backup, 1Y 0N in paper. 2=no recoded to 0 in CMS and backup.
u1cjobinc1016Theme Education, Employment and Training - educationemploymentandtraining-background-income Answer 0397 educationemploymentandtraining__employment-income 1=under £500 to 9=over £4000Raw coding: 0-9 in CMS and backup, 1-9 in paper. 0=prefer not to answer recoded to missing in CMS and backup. 1-9 coding left unchanged.
u1cothinc1019Theme Education, Employment and Training - educationemploymentandtraining-background-othermoney Answer 0398 educationemploymentandtraining__money-othermoney
u1cstex011025Theme Education, Employment and Training - educationemploymentandtraining-background-Everuni Answer 0400 educationemploymentandtraining__uniscreen-Everuni1Y 0N-
u1cstex021028Theme Education, Employment and Training - educationemploymentandtraining-background-expenses1-1 Answer 0401 educationemploymentandtraining__uniexpenses-10=none to 4=allRaw coding: 1-5 (all versions). Recoded from 1-5 to 0-4.
u1cstex031031Theme Education, Employment and Training - educationemploymentandtraining-background-expenses2-1 Answer 0402 educationemploymentandtraining__uniexpenses-2
u1cstex041034Theme Education, Employment and Training - educationemploymentandtraining-background-expenses3-1 Answer 0403 educationemploymentandtraining__uniexpenses-3
u1cstex051037Theme Education, Employment and Training - educationemploymentandtraining-background-expenses4-1 Answer 0404 educationemploymentandtraining__uniexpenses-4
u1cstex061040Theme Education, Employment and Training - educationemploymentandtraining-background-expenses5-1 Answer 0405 educationemploymentandtraining__uniexpenses-5
u1cstex071043Theme Education, Employment and Training - educationemploymentandtraining-background-expenses6-1 Answer 0406 educationemploymentandtraining__uniexpenses-6
u1cstex081046Theme Education, Employment and Training - educationemploymentandtraining-background-likeuni Answer 0407 educationemploymentandtraining__uniexp-likeuni0=not at all to 4=very muchRaw coding: 1-5 (all versions). Recoded from 1-5 to 0-4.
u1cstex091049Theme Education, Employment and Training - educationemploymentandtraining-background-likecourse Answer 0408 educationemploymentandtraining__uniexp-likecourse
u1cstex101052Theme Education, Employment and Training - educationemploymentandtraining-background-uniregret Answer 0409 educationemploymentandtraining__uniexp-uniregret
u1cstex111055Theme Education, Employment and Training - educationemploymentandtraining-background-courseregret Answer 0 410educationemploymentandtraining__uniexp-courseregret
u1cstex121058Theme Education, Employment and Training - educationemploymentandtraining-background-uniexperience Answer 0 411educationemploymentandtraining__uniexp-uniexperience
u1cstex131061Theme Education, Employment and Training - educationemploymentandtraining-background-conversation1 Answer 0 412educationemploymentandtraining__uniconv1-conversation1 0=never to 4=alwaysRaw coding: 1-5 (all versions). Recoded from 1-5 to 0-4.
u1cstex141064Theme Education, Employment and Training - educationemploymentandtraining-background-conversation2 Answer 0 413educationemploymentandtraining__uniconv1-conversation2
u1cstex151067Theme Education, Employment and Training - educationemploymentandtraining-background-conversation3 Answer 0 414educationemploymentandtraining__uniconv1-conversation3
u1cstex161070Theme Education, Employment and Training - educationemploymentandtraining-background-conversation4 Answer 0 415educationemploymentandtraining__uniconv1-conversation4
u1cstex171073Theme Education, Employment and Training - educationemploymentandtraining-background-conversation5 Answer 0 416educationemploymentandtraining__uniconv2-conversation5
u1cstex181076Theme Education, Employment and Training - educationemploymentandtraining-background-conversation6 Answer 0 417educationemploymentandtraining__uniconv2-conversation6
u1cstex191079Theme Education, Employment and Training - educationemploymentandtraining-background-conversation7 Answer 0 418educationemploymentandtraining__uniconv2-conversation7
u1cbenf11088Theme Education, Employment and Training - educationemploymentandtraining-AnyBeni Answer 0421 educationemploymentandtraining__benefits-AnyBen1Y 0NRaw coding: 1Y 2N in CMS, 2Y 1N in backup, 1Y 0N in paper. CMS and backup recoded to 1Y 0N for consistency with paper.
u1cbenfhou1091Theme Education, Employment and Training - educationemploymentandtraining-whichbeni Answer 0422 educationemploymentandtraining__benefits-Followingben-1 1Y 0NBackup and paper coding left unchanged. In the CMS raw data, each variable is coded 1=housing benefit, 2=child benefit, etc; these variables were recoded into a set of 1Y 0N variables equivalent to those in the backup and paper versions.
u1cbenfchb1092Theme Education, Employment and Training - educationemploymentandtraining-whichbeni Answer 1423 educationemploymentandtraining__benefits-Followingben-2
u1cbenfctc1093Theme Education, Employment and Training - educationemploymentandtraining-whichbeni Answer 2424 educationemploymentandtraining__benefits-Followingben-3
u1cbenfwtc1094Theme Education, Employment and Training - educationemploymentandtraining-whichbeni Answer 3425 educationemploymentandtraining__benefits-Followingben-4
u1cbenfjob1095Theme Education, Employment and Training - educationemploymentandtraining-whichbeni Answer 4426 educationemploymentandtraining__benefits-Followingben-5
u1cbenfins1096Theme Education, Employment and Training - educationemploymentandtraining-whichbeni Answer 5427 educationemploymentandtraining__benefits-Followingben-6
u1cbenfesa1097Theme Education, Employment and Training - educationemploymentandtraining-whichbeni Answer 6428 educationemploymentandtraining__benefits-Followingben-7
u1cbenfcar1098Theme Education, Employment and Training - educationemploymentandtraining-whichbeni Answer 7429 educationemploymentandtraining__benefits-Followingben-8
u1cbenfpip1099Theme Education, Employment and Training - educationemploymentandtraining-whichbeni Answer 8430 educationemploymentandtraining__benefits-Followingben-9
u1cfina11102Theme Finances - finances-moneyandfinances-money1 Answer 0434 finances__money-money11=disagree to 5=agree -
u1cfina21106Theme Finances - finances-moneyandfinances-money2 Answer 0435 finances__money-money2
u1cfina31109Theme Finances - finances-moneyandfinances-money3 Answer 0436 finances__money-money3
u1cfina41112Theme Finances - finances-moneyandfinances-money4 Answer 0437 finances__money-money4
u1cfina5--438finances__money-money5 1=disagree to 5=agreeForward-coded item present in paper and backup raw data only: no recoding needed.
u1cfina5r1115Theme Finances - finances-moneyandfinances-money5 Answer 0-- 1=agree to 5=disagreeReverse-coded item present in CMS raw data only: no recoding needed.
u1cfprd011118Theme Finances - finances-moneyandfinances-products1-1 Answer 0439 finances__products1-10=nothing to 4=everything Raw coding: 1-5 (all versions). Recoded from 1-5 to 0-4.
u1cfprd021121Theme Finances - finances-moneyandfinances-products2-1 Answer 0440 finances__products1-2
u1cfprd031124Theme Finances - finances-moneyandfinances-products3-1 Answer 0441 finances__products1-3
u1cfprd041127Theme Finances - finances-moneyandfinances-products4-1 Answer 0442 finances__products1-4
u1cfprd051130Theme Finances - finances-moneyandfinances-products5-1 Answer 0443 finances__products1-5
u1cfprd061133Theme Finances - finances-moneyandfinances-products6-1 Answer 0444 finances__products1-6
u1cfprd071136Theme Finances - finances-moneyandfinances-products7-1 Answer 0445 finances__products1-7
u1cfprd081139Theme Finances - finances-moneyandfinances-products8-1 Answer 0446 finances__products2-1
u1cfprd091142Theme Finances - finances-moneyandfinances-products9-1 Answer 0447 finances__products2-2
u1cfprd101145Theme Finances - finances-moneyandfinances-products10-1 Answer 0448 finances__products2-3
u1cfprd111148Theme Finances - finances-moneyandfinances-products11-1 Answer 0449 finances__products2-4
u1cfprd121151Theme Finances - finances-moneyandfinances-products12-1 Answer 0450 finances__products2-5
u1cfprdqc1154Theme Finances - finances-moneyandfinances-products13-1 Answer 0451 finances__products2-6
u1cfprd131157Theme Finances - finances-moneyandfinances-products14-1 Answer 0452 finances__products2-7
u1cmona31166Theme Finances - finances-moneyandfinances-attitude3 Answer 0455 finances__attitudes-attitude31=disagree to 5=agree -
u1cmona41169Theme Finances - finances-moneyandfinances-attitude4 Answer 0456 finances__attitudes-attitude4
u1cmona51172Theme Finances - finances-moneyandfinances-attitude5 Answer 0457 finances__attitudes-attitude5
u1cmona1--453 finances__attitudes-attitude11=disagree to 5=agree Forward-coded item present in paper and backup raw data only: no recoding needed.
u1cmona2--454 finances__attitudes-attitude2
u1cmona6--458 finances__attitudes-attitude6
u1cmona1r1160Theme Finances - finances-moneyandfinances-attitude1 Answer 0-- 1=agree to 5=disagreeReverse-coded item present in CMS raw data only: no recoding needed.
u1cmona2r1163Theme Finances - finances-moneyandfinances-attitude2 Answer 0--
u1cmona6r1175Theme Finances - finances-moneyandfinances-attitude6 Answer 0--
u1cmedu011178Theme Online Behaviour - OnlineBehaviourb-online-online1 Answer 0463 OnlineBehaviourb__howoften1-online10=never to 5=hourly Raw coding: 1-6 (all versions). Recoded from 1-6 to 0-5.
u1cmedu021182Theme Online Behaviour - OnlineBehaviourb-online-online2 Answer 0464 OnlineBehaviourb__howoften1-online2
u1cmedu031185Theme Online Behaviour - OnlineBehaviourb-online-online3 Answer 0465 OnlineBehaviourb__howoften1-online3
u1cmedu041188Theme Online Behaviour - OnlineBehaviourb-online-online4 Answer 0466 OnlineBehaviourb__howoften1-online4
u1cmedu051191Theme Online Behaviour - OnlineBehaviourb-online-online5 Answer 0467 OnlineBehaviourb__howoften1-online5
u1cmedu061194Theme Online Behaviour - OnlineBehaviourb-online-online6 Answer 0468 OnlineBehaviourb__howoften1-online6
u1cmedu071197Theme Online Behaviour - OnlineBehaviourb-online-online7 Answer 0469 OnlineBehaviourb__howoften2-online7
u1cmedu081200Theme Online Behaviour - OnlineBehaviourb-online-online8 Answer 0470 OnlineBehaviourb__howoften2-online8
u1cmedu091203Theme Online Behaviour - OnlineBehaviourb-online-online9 Answer 0471 OnlineBehaviourb__howoften2-online9
u1cmedu101206Theme Online Behaviour - OnlineBehaviourb-online-online10 Answer 0472 OnlineBehaviourb__howoften2-online10
u1cmedu111209Theme Online Behaviour - OnlineBehaviourb-online-online11 Answer 0473 OnlineBehaviourb__howoften2-online11
u1cprob11212Theme Online Behaviour - OnlineBehaviourb-online-Online12-1 Answer 0474 OnlineBehaviourb__dependence-10=never to 4=very often Raw coding: 1-5 (all versions). Recoded from 1-5 to 0-4.
u1cprobqc1215Theme Online Behaviour - OnlineBehaviourb-online-Online13-1 Answer 0475 OnlineBehaviourb__dependence-2
u1cprob21218Theme Online Behaviour - OnlineBehaviourb-online-Online14-1 Answer 0476 OnlineBehaviourb__dependence-3
u1cprob31221Theme Online Behaviour - OnlineBehaviourb-online-Online15-1 Answer 0477 OnlineBehaviourb__dependence-4
u1cprob41224Theme Online Behaviour - OnlineBehaviourb-online-Online16-1 Answer 0478 OnlineBehaviourb__dependence-5
u1cprob51227Theme Online Behaviour - OnlineBehaviourb-online-Online17-1 Answer 0479 OnlineBehaviourb__dependence-6
u1cprob61230Theme Online Behaviour - OnlineBehaviourb-online-Online18-1 Answer 0480 OnlineBehaviourb__dependence-7
u1codat11233Theme Online Behaviour - OnlineBehaviourb-online-online19 Answer 0481 OnlineBehaviourb__dating-online191Y 0NRaw coding: 1Y 2N in CMS and backup, 1Y 0N in paper. 2=no recoded to 0 in CMS and backup for consistency with 1Y 0N in paper.
u1codat21236Theme Online Behaviour - OnlineBehaviourb-online-Online20 Answer 0482 OnlineBehaviourb__dating-Online200=not at all to 4=extremely Raw coding: 1-5 (all versions). Recoded from 1-5 to 0-4.
u1cobul11239Theme Online Behaviour - OnlineBehaviourb-online-online21 Answer 0483 OnlineBehaviourb__abuse-online210=not at all to 2=more than onceRaw coding: 1-3 (all versions). Recoded from 1-3 to 0-2.
u1cobul21242Theme Online Behaviour - OnlineBehaviourb-online-online22 Answer 0484 OnlineBehaviourb__abuse-online22
u1cobul31245Theme Online Behaviour - OnlineBehaviourb-online-online23 Answer 0485 OnlineBehaviourb__abuse-online23
u1cobul41248Theme Online Behaviour - OnlineBehaviourb-online-online24 Answer 0486 OnlineBehaviourb__abuse-online24