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BBC4 programme THE GENE CODE featured TEDS twins and researchers

A BBC television programme about genetics featured some TEDS twins, and TEDS researcher Dr. Claire Haworth.

Episode 1: The Book of Life and Episode 2: Unlocking Our Code were first shown respectively on 18th and 25th April 2011, both at 9pm on BBC4. Watch out for repeats!

There is a code at the core of every living thing that has ever existed on earth, and it's called DNA. It is only in the recent past that scientists have really begun to explore it, and in doing so unravel how evolution really does connect all living things. In two parts The Gene Code takes us first on an epic 3 billion year journey from the simplest cells to us, using DNA as our guide, and then explores how far we have come in the ten years since the human genome was finally sequenced. Have the promises of this epic task been fulfilled and has decoding it told us what it means to be human?