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The TEDS Behaviour Study

Young people think, feel and behave in a variety of ways; for example, how they act in the classroom, how they feel about their friends and in their perceptions of themselves. With the Behaviour Study we looked at how these are similar and how they are different between individuals. The ongoing research from this study will help us understand the cause of different behaviours and emotions, and the relationship between emotion and behaviour. These insights will hopefully contribute to the development of strategies that will have a positive impact on young people's lives, such as helping them to feel more confident and do better at school.

The TEDS Behaviour Study ended in 2012, after we had contacted all TEDS families. Many thanks to all of you who returned your booklets. All twins completing the booklets were rewarded with vouchers, and in addition were entered into a prize draw at the end of each wave of data collection. All prize draw winners are listed on our prize draw page.