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Researchers ask for TIPs on how to run TEDS

At the start of our 16 Year Study, TEDS held a focus group to get your feedback on what we do. We asked twelve sixteen-year-olds, some of whom were TEDS twins and some of whom were contacted through a local school, to come and give us their views on things like the design of this new website, the TEDS newsletter and how we can best keep teenage twins and their families involved and excited about TEDS.

Everyone split up into small discussion groups and we had some really useful ideas and feedback – a big thank you to everyone who came! The day ended with a tour of the cutting-edge DNA technology in our molecular genetics lab.

Following the success of this focus group, we’re setting up TEDS Ideas Panels – TIPs! We’re really keen to get your ideas on everything TEDS-related, so if you’d like to be involved in helping us make decisions or you’ve got something to say please drop us an email at teds-project@kcl.ac.uk.