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Wellbeing project underway

We recently carried out a TEDS study on wellbeing, called TWIST: the Twins Wellbeing Intervention STudy.

Whilst everybody experiences a range of high and low emotions, some people appear to be generally happier than others. This project investigates whether it is possible to increase wellbeing by doing some simple tasks. It is hoped that this research will influence national and international policy, including educational policy to promote wellbeing in schools.

After a trial run in 2011, the first major phase of the study took place in late 2012, and the the second phase in early 2013. The study has involved over 1500 families with twins born between September 1995 and December 1996. The prize draw for the final phase took place on 16th April 2013, and the winners from all draws are listed on our prize draw page.

The study is now finished, but if you would like more information then please contact us.