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Work Experience with TEDS in Summer 2011

In recent years, a number of members of the study came to TEDS to undertake a period of work experience during the summer months. This has involved helping us out in the office to see how the project works behind the scenes, meeting the researchers whose work is so dependent on vital TEDS data, having a tour of DNA labs and attending a seminar on behavioural genetics.

One twin, Caroline de Cock, had this to say of the experience:

"For 17 years I have filled out forms and conducted tests for TEDS research without much thought as to where it was all going and why, finally being able to see what is being done with my data was fascinating. Everyone at the centre was so friendly and gave up their time to explain to me exactly what they were doing and answered all my questions whenever I had them. I was very fortunate during my stay to visit the labs where they sequence the DNA and learn about the many stages involved and the possibilities that are now open due to new technologies. This experience showed me why it is truly worthwhile completing the tasks and questionnaires and I found learning about their findings and ongoing projects such as the Language Study particularly interesting. There is still so much more to discover and I feel very privileged to have been given this opportunity and hope to continue to be a part of their ongoing research with cohort 1. Thank you so much for having me."

Thank you also to all the other twins who have visited us for work experience - we really enjoyed meeting you all and it was a real help having you in the office.