The TEDS 18 Year Study

In August 2014, the third cohort of TEDS twins received A-level results, and we contacted them for our 18 Year Study. This involves a short questionnaire asking twins about their exam results and their plans for next year. We will soon be sending the same questionnaire to the remaining twins, in cohort 4.

TEDS twins collect GCSE results

On 22nd August 2013, the fourth and final cohort of TEDS twins received their results for their GCSEs and other qualifications such as BTECs and OCRNs. We have now contacted all the TEDS twins with a questionnaire to find out how they did!

Wellbeing project underway

In August 2012, we started a new study on wellbeing called TWIST. More families were invited to take part in January 2013.

Work Experience with TEDS in Summer 2011

A total of 10 TEDS twins spent part of their summer holiday in the TEDS office in 2011 doing work experience. Find out what Caroline de Cock has written about her experiences and insights into TEDS research work.

The TEDS Behaviour Study

The TEDS Behaviour Study finished in Spring 2012. Families from all TEDS cohorts were invited to take part in this booklet study