Since December 2014 we have been carrying out a DNA study in which we have been contacting TEDS twins to ask them for new DNA samples. The DNA collected will allow us to conduct many original and exciting genetic studies.

The TEDS 18 Year Study

In August 2014, the third cohort of TEDS twins received A-level results, and we contacted them for our 18 Year Study. This involves a short questionnaire asking twins about their exam results and their plans for next year. We will soon be sending the same questionnaire to the remaining twins, in cohort 4.

New TEDS book: G is for Genes

TEDS researchers Kathryn Asbury and Robert Plomin have published a new book called G is for Genes, about genetic influences on teaching and learning. The book is largely based on results from TEDS research projects.

TEDS twins collect GCSE results

On 22nd August 2013, the fourth and final cohort of TEDS twins received their results for their GCSEs and other qualifications such as BTECs and OCRNs. We have now contacted all the TEDS twins with a questionnaire to find out how they did!

The Wellcome Trust completes a genetic scan of 4000 TEDS twins

As mentioned in the 2009 newsletter, TEDS was awarded a prestigious grant by the Wellcome Trust that funded genome scans for 4000 twins. The scans are now complete and TEDS researchers are getting to grips with the vast data