TEDS Research

The Twins Early Development Study focuses on how genes and environments act together to shape who we are, as we develop from early childhood through to adulthood. Many people have been involved in TEDS research over the years; below, some of the current TEDS researchers describe their interests and some of their favourite research papers.

If you'd like to know more about TEDS research, you can find a list of TEDS papers published in peer-reviewed scientific journals on the publications page; some of these are free to download from the journal websites. Also, some of the TEDS research into the early years of school was summarised in this book.

Many of the TEDS papers listed on our publications page have resulted from collaborative research. Over 100 collaborators are actively conducting research using the TEDS data as a resource. Read our data access policy for further details of how we share the TEDS data in practice.

A few publications have made reference to external resources such as video recordings and summaries of analysis results. Such publications and links to relevant resources are listed on our publication resources page.