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Collaborators and Data

Collaborators and Data

TEDS collaborate with over 50 institutions and more than 100 individuals worldwide to produce high quality, impactful research to benefit society. As the field of behavioural genetics includes many different disciplines, such as psychology, molecular biology, and statistics, our collaborators bring a great deal of expertise from many different areas.

TEDS has also made a major impact on the training of young scientists – training and a whole generation of behavioural geneticists in the UK: 12 former TEDS PhD students are now academic staff (lecturers to professors) at UK universities and TEDS have six current PhD students

Many of the TEDS papers listed on our publications page have resulted from collaborative research. Read our data access policy for further details of how we share the TEDS data in practice.

For a few publications, some of the data that were used in the analysis have been made publicly available (in an anonymous form that protects participant confidentiality). Such publications and associated data files are listed on our public datasets page, along with related resources such as videos.