• TEDS 21

    Join us in the next stage of TEDS – as our TEDS twins grow up, so do we!

  • TEDS twin Rosa talks about...

    her interest in twin studies, and investigating the role of nature and nurture in determining traits like behaviour, personality, and health.

  • New study launch

    TEDS have launched a new study called "Children of TEDS", or CoTEDS for short.

  • Does ‘Grit’ impact on children’s GCSE scores?

    Personality characteristics have been shown to have a significant but moderate influence on academic achievement.

The Twins Early Development Study

The Twins Early Development Study is one of the world's premier studies of how genes and environments shape our development from birth to young adulthood. The study is based at King's College London, one of the world's top 25 universities, under the leadership of Professor Robert Plomin, who has been ranked among the 100 most eminent psychologists in the history of science. The TEDS researchers use the latest discoveries in psychology and genetics to untangle the complex interplay between nature and nurture.


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TEDS 21 We need YOU!

We are very excited to be launching TEDS 21, the next stage of testing…and this time is will come in app form! We are currently piloting the questionnaires, which tap into important aspects of emerging adulthood and designing a very cool game which will also be available on the app.

The app will be launched in September this year, so watch out!