Giving access to medical records: What this means and why it’s useful:

EDIT lab placement students Anna, Beth and Bronte explain why researchers might ask to access data from medical records and how this data can be used.

What we can (and cannot) do with your DNA sample

Chris [EDIT Lab PhD Student] and Joni [Post Doc at the SGDP Centre] tackle what happens (and what doesn’t) to your DNA

The Emotional Stress of Gender Dysphoria and How to Help

Following on from April’s stress awareness month, Megan [Edit Lab placement student] discusses stress in the context of gender dysphoria, and provides information on how to help those that may be suffering.

Environmental risk for obsessive-compulsive symptoms: findings from a recent genetically-informative study

Georgina [clinical psychologist and PhD student in our group] walks us through a recent study with implications for understanding OCD and its’ development.

Angry or Anxious?

A genetic overlap in predisposition to anger and anxiety has been proposed in terms of a sensitivity to threat or stressors (Barlow, 2002), however, most genetic studies have focused on aggressive tendencies rather than the emotional aspects of anger.