The Wellcome Trust completes a genetic scan of 4000 TEDS twins

As mentioned in the 2009 newsletter, TEDS was awarded a prestigious grant by the Wellcome Trust that funded genome scans for 4000 twins. The scans are now complete and TEDS researchers are getting to grips with the vast data

Researchers ask for TIPs on how to run TEDS

The new TEDS Ideas Panels (TIPs for short) are being set up to ask participants' advice on the directions they'd like to see TEDS taking. So, if you're a TEDS twin and you have some opinions, we'll be giving you a chance to share them!

The US National Institutes of Health fund a new study of maths

In 2009, TEDS researchers secured international funding for a study on how our maths ability develops. Starting in summer 2010, TEDS twins have been invited to take part in the 16 Year Web Study, which includes the new maths activities.

Photo competition celebrates the International Year of Biodiversity

2010 was declared the International Year of Biodiversity by the United Nations, so TEDS held a photo competition with the theme of 'Earth'. Twins sent in a collection of beautiful and inspiring photos to win photographic prizes!